Frequently Asked Questions

How do Mindmp3 audios work?

In a nutshell: Mindmp3 audio files are Nature sounds and relaxing/easy listening music files that contain Subliminal affirmations embeded in them.

Subliminal affirmations are positive phrased statements that are delivered subliminally through a frequency bordering the limits of conscious hearing, so they bypass the conscious mind and go straight to the subconscious.

You can read more info here

Can I use my own affirmations?

Yes. This is how:

All albums have a default set of affirmations, but if you wish to set your own you can change to custom affirmations for an additional fee.

You can include your affirmations by writing or by recording them with your own voice. After checking out you will be able to customize your affirmations.

Note that after customizing we have a 3 business day processing time before you can download your files.

What do I receive after ordering?

You get:

  • 5 nature sound tracks (aprox. 50 mins) + 1 silent track (aprox. 20 mins).
  • Optional: If available you can add tracks when ordering.
  • Tracks are mixed subliminally with the default affirmations of the corresponding Album or your own custom affirmations.
  • Tracks come in both formats: WAV (48kHz) and MP3 (256 kbps)
  • Once the order and customization is complete you have access to download the files for 15 days. Optionally you can have us keep the download links for 1 year.
  • All files are for download. We don't provide CD delivery at this time.
Important: For best resolution the files are encoded at 256 kbps for .mp3 and 48kHz for .wav files. So the audio files are pretty big.

Aprox. 20MB per mp3 and 100MB per wav.

You are going to need broadband internet to download the files at a good speed.

You may ask if the .wav files are really needed: If you want to make an audio CD then Yes (the kind you can listen on a stereo that doesn't play mp3). If you want to listen on your computer or portable device then No, the mp3 file is all you need.

Do the links to download expire?

Yes. From the moment the files are ready for download the links will be available for 15 days. After that they will no longer work.

Optionally you can have us keep the download links active for 1 year, for an additional fee.

What is the best way to listen to the albums?

There is no "only" way to listen to an album. It is really a matter of personal preference.

Some people like to listen at work, others at home, others while working out.. you name it.

We do recommend you to listen the album, If you can, once a day.

There is a tendency for more efficiency when listening on a calm, relaxed setting. We recommend you to try out what suits you the most and whenever you feel more comfortable.

A word of caution: Subliminal affirmation audio is not Hipnosis. So it won't induce you to a different mental state at the moment of listening. Nevertheless, relaxing sounds and music may cause mental calmness and drifting. So be cautious when listening to such audios while driving or on tasks that require your complete awareness.

Also, use a normal listening volume. Silent subliminal messages may not be heard by the conscious mind, but the subconscious does receive the input. So a normal listening volume is enough to deliver the message.

Can they really make me accomplish my goals?

Subliminal affirmations cannot "make" you do things you don't want. They will help, facilitate and speed up the accomplishments you really desire.

Anything your mind is able to do, Mindmp3 audios will put it on "turbo". The mind is very powerful, and we only use a fraction of it. Even that fraction has locks and barriers that prevent us from doing many things we would like.

Many people are using Subliminal affirmations for many things like: Improve their memory, Learn a musical instrument, Learn another language, Remove addictions, Be positive, Help their body improve.

But remember, you also have to put your part. For example You are not going to learn another language with JUST affirmations. You surely need to take your language lessons, and have a Mindmp3 album on the side to help your mind learn better and faster.

Goals on self improvement, mental health, etc. Any goal you have knowledge about, can be maximized by affirmations alone, but always remember to really want that to happen.

Can they cure me, Improve my health?

We don't make any claims that the audios WILL cure you or prevent diseases, nor they are meant to cure or prevent any disease.

Nevertheless there is many research done, that leads to believe the Mind is very powerful and can cure or even cause disease. Psychosomatic diseases are those brought by our own mind. So affirmations can help you with several factors that play a main role in psychosomatic disease, like stress, worries, fears distress, etc.

If you have a healthy mind you will help your body on being healthy too.

If you have any concerns please consult your physician.

Can I listen to more than one album on the same day?

Yes you can, but we recommend to stick to one goal at least for a week, so you can focus your mind.

With one goal in mind at a time your subconscious can associate more effectively the affirmations and sculpt the mindset towards it.

Do I need headphones or special speakers?

Nope, not required

Speakers or headphones that have a range of 20Hz to 20kHz are ok (nowadays most headphones and speakers support that frequency range).

When will I feel results?

It is variable, but the average is about 3-4 weeks.

There are users that have started feeling results in a couple of days!

Can I listen on my Ipod or copy to a CD?


Just load them to your portable device, or copy them to a CD (you need a CD writer and software like Nero, Roxio or similar)

Do you deliver audios in a CD? Do you have international delivery?

At this moment we don't provide the Albums in a physical CD.

We hope to offer this service in the near future.

Can I resell the audio files or make a CD to resell?

Nope, Sorry!

The audio files are Copyrighted so they are for your personal use only.

You can register to become an affiliate and promote Mindmp3 audios. More info here

Or if you have audio files which you own the rights to and wish to sell subliminal audio, then you can check out our Subliminal Mixer at

Do you have audios in different languages?

We will be adding new languages periodically. So check the top of this page to go to the proper language (if the one you want is not there, then we don't have it yet. Shoot us an email so we can have it on queue)

What are the Product Terms?

Read the product terms here.